Watercolor Terrazzo wallpaper

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MaterialNon-woven / Non-woven Smooth Peel & Stick
Roll SizeCustomizable length, width 50cm
Thickness320 μm/ 435 μm
Grammage130 GSM / 255GSM
ApplicationCan be applied using paste the wall method or peel and stick
LightfastnessGuaranteed for 5 years (ISO 105-B02) >7
CleaningCan be easily cleaned with a damp cloth
PropertiesPVC free and eco-friendly paper and water-based inks, Recyclable

Watercolor Terrazzo wallpaper

Introducing "Watercolor Terrazzo" a unique wallpaper that brings the rustic charm of natural stone to your home with a playful twist. Whether you're looking to create a cozy rustic retreat or add a touch of whimsical charm to a modern space, "Watercolor Terrazzo" is sure to impress. Install it as a feature wall in your living room, bedroom, or even a child's playroom to instantly elevate your decor and infuse your space with personality and style. Belongs to art & design and surface & texture categories.
Art & designWallpaperblueyellowpinkbrowngrayorange
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